15 Sep 2021

4 Rules of Renovation Customer Service

Vancouver renovation clients who bought in the last decade paid more for their homes than nearly anyone in Canada, or North America for that matter. As a result, they expect a higher standard from a general contractor. It is our policy to deliver.

Renovation Customer Service

We are believers in treating our clients like we would our family: openly, honestly, and in a timely fashion. That’s why we believe in exceeding our own standards every day by approaching customer service holistically, keeping the entire project and all of its parts in mind. From the client to the contractor to the supplier, all of the parts must work together on a singular path to success. 

1. Transparency

From the moment you meet with your Platinum Contracting expert, they will provide a clear roadmap to all of the elements of your renovation. From permits to material costs to a concise timeline, the map is spread out in front of you.

The importance of this process is to provide you with a clear set of expectations and terms you can use so that everyone understands the who, what, when, where, and how of any aspect of the project. This is pivotal for not only staying on budget but clear communication.

2. Communication

Renovations are seldom preventative measures, more often than not, they’re solving problems. At times it can be like peeling back layers of mistakes made by builders or previous owners. Once demolition and construction have started, the older the home, the greater chance that unforeseen issues can/will arise.

Excellent communication is key in these situations. Our strategy is to identify issues, come up with solutions, closely estimate the cost of each option, and present them in a timely manner. Another side of great communication is also consistency. Contacting you when things are going well to keep you in the loop and put your mind at ease that your home is in professional hands.

3. Education

The one thing renovations in Vancouver can tell you is about how your home was built. As walls are removed, plumbing is changed, electrical wiring is rerun, and flooring is replaced, it all reveals the history and quirks found in every home. Yours is no different.

We make a point of setting aside time to educate you about your home. The importance behind discovering these quirks lies in prevention and the identifying of other potential issues. Often, issues found in bathroom, kitchen, or living room renovations are not isolated to those rooms. However, these aren’t always problems; sometimes pleasant surprises like pristine hardwood floors or a hidden pantry are revealed!

4. Humanization

Home renovations can be disruptive, expensive, and stressful. In some extreme cases, they can be traumatizing as you discover that perhaps the house isn’t as you might have thought. However, it is better to know and resolve the issues than let them get worse.

We believe in the compassionate and understanding treatment of our customers. We can be honest, direct, and transparent while still allowing you the space to absorb the information and make a solid decision based on the solutions we provide.

It is all about being human. We understand what customers need and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Contact Platinum Contracting today to set up an appointment.