10 Oct 2021

The Renovation Process: Respect and Communication

Renovations in Vancouver, or anywhere for that matter, are emotional endeavors. It’s an invasion of your personal space and a massive investment. People you barely know are ripping things out, and you must trust the result is not just close, but exactly what you wanted. It’s a vulnerable position to be in. As with any situation, consistent, concise, and respectful communication based on a clear set of expectations is required.

The Process

As part of our process, we believe a contractor’s role is about problem-solving with results that offer problem prevention. Since we see what is behind the walls and under the floors, we believe our standards need to be higher than yours.

To best complete projects to our standards and your satisfaction, one of our Vancouver-based project managers (PM) will sit down with you to create the map we will follow during construction. We listen closely and then present realistic options.

Once you and your PM are on the same page, we found the best way to accomplish a solid contractor/client relationship during construction is; 1) respecting the timeline and budget through great communication, and 2) using what we discover to teach you a little bit about your home.

Timeline and Budget

We listen to the needs of the client. Properly scoping our projects and presenting realistic expectations is not just our policy, but our promise.

Our process is about communication with both the client and our project partners.  If the client chooses to use resources such as architects, designers, or engineers who are outside of our trusted and vetted partner network, our communication standards remain the same.

We are wholly focused on delivering a spectacular renovation on time and on budget.

Our Promise

We believe that the renovation process is an ever-changing experience that requires a willingness to pivot and present creative alternatives. We promise to always be upfront and offer our solutions with only your best interest, budget, and timeline in mind. By maintaining high standards both in the work process, as well as in our business standards, we retain solid customer and partner relationships.

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