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04 Apr 2022

How Designers Improve Renovation Results

Making your Vancouver renovation come to life is the goal for any dedicated craftsperson. However, unless you’re adding a wing, renovations are limited to the physical space. That’s where great design steps in to create flow and a sense of space within your budget.

An experienced designer who is familiar with your chosen contractor can be a valuable addition to the team. They help bring your design vision into focus and offer professional insight that even the contractor may not have considered.

“We’ve worked with many designers in Vancouver over the years and come to realized that customers who use an experienced design professional are happier with the results,” said Kia Anvari of Platinum Contracting. “The reason why is that most experienced designers are able to work closely with the customer on their design vision, then revisualizing space with the structural limitations in mind. They then work with the contractor to closely match that vision leading to some stunning outcomes.”

Creating Space in Renovation and Design

Why is an “open concept” so popular? Where the kitchen was once a room that was hidden, perceptions have changed. There are also several practical reasons. Energy-efficient windows, HVAC, and insulation now allow for larger spaces without tremendous heat loss. Another reason is entertaining has changed, where people prefer to be in the same room, whether on the couch or in the kitchen. In addition, design concepts have shifted toward flow and sightlines, where every part of the space is visible, useable, and congruent with the flow of the décor throughout the home.

To create the open concept, homes often need a wall or two torn down. This can be an immediate obstacle to the contractor’s job when they are support walls or their removal suddenly makes windows seem out of place. Reenforcing the structural integrity of the home and possibly moving exterior windows stretch the budget considerably.

A knowledgeable and talented designer will be able to apply the open concept while retaining much of the charm and appeal of the original home if that’s what the customer desires. However, the ultimate design is up to the taste and budget of the owner.

Plumbing and Design

Controlling costs on kitchen and bathroom remodels is about keeping or repurposing as many of the existing materials as possible, but perhaps one of the most expensive design obstacles is plumbing. Contractors and designers generally try to keep the plumbing footprint as intact as possible. When pipes move, drywall is torn down, occasionally flooring, and in extreme cases, plumbing needs to be redone all the way to the municipal sewage line. However, sometimes structural limitations could make the replacement of plumbing impractical or, in the case of some condo renovations, impossible.

This is where a designer’s experience shines. When planning a new kitchen or bathroom, the designer will often consult with the contractor and plumber — and possibly engineer or architect — to anticipate plumbing issues and come up with a practical design solution. Older or rural homes may have unique plumbing configurations. Designers take this into account often with impressive results.

Materials and Design

Finishes, fixtures, and materials for everything from countertops to the face of the fireplace need to be thoughtfully chosen. Lifestyle considerations, like small children or aging into your home, could require rounded edges and special bathroom configurations. Design choices like matching flooring and carrying the design flow through the sightlines require consistent materials. Even fixtures need to be thought out to account for usage, design, and durability.

Platinum Contracting partners with providers of a wide variety of third-party wholesalers and retailers who offer partner discounts. Designers are familiar with these resources and are able to choose high quality items at a discount on the customer’s behalf. In some cases, customers and the designer can travel to these places and shop together.

Customer Service and Design

Designers are often intuitive and excellent at working with customers at every phase of the project. It is a relationship built out of a shared vision and interest in creating something beautiful. Not that the craftspeople don’t want to create spectacular results, but it is the designer who pulls it all together.

Platinum Contracting partners with talented designers who have a proven track record of great customer service and impressive outcomes. These partnerships are not easily made, to be chosen by Platinum, the designers must demonstrate that they are empathetic toward customers, artistically minded, and highly knowledgeable of their craft.

Why should I hire a designer through my contractor?

  1. Communication – The communication between the contractor and designer should be seamless and clear. Miscommunications over design plans and timelines can have a serious impact on the budget.
  2. Vetted – The designer’s job reaches beyond a basic understanding of room arrangements or finishes. Platinum Contracting works with designers who are knowledgeable of the construction process and present designs that reflect the many aspects of producing quality and lasting outcomes.
  3. Customer Service – We only work with partners that adhere to the high customer service standards that Platinum Contracting has built its reputation on.
  4. Results – The designer is aligned with the contractor when it comes to quality. For example, Platinum Contracting doesn’t reduce quality standards of construction for aesthetic improvements. We are not building flimsy film sets, we are making lasting improvements that will provide years of enjoyment.

Check out our partner list of Vancouver designers and ask us about our recommendations of a design professional who might closely match your needs. These are people who have worked with us and impressed us with their knowledge, communication, customer service, and commitment to quality. Contact Platinum Contracting today for your initial renovation consultation.