We are a 5-star contractor serving the North Shore, Greater Vancouver, and Burnaby. Ahead of the latest trends, we build high-quality spaces that are as functional as they are stunning.

Our History

Platinum Contracting started in North Vancouver in 2016. We’re a collective of highly experienced construction and renovation experts working together with our partners on a wide variety of high-end projects from renovations to full builds. Each member of the Platinum family shares a dedication to superior quality and customer service that exceeds the industry standard. Our talented pros bring a higher level of craftsmanship and ethics to the renovation sector in the North Shore, Greater Vancouver, and Burnaby area. This is why Platinum Contracting is the most sought-after contracting outfit in the region.


Without solid and dependable partnerships, no general contractor can fulfill their schedule and budgets. Particularly in the demanding and competitive market of high-end renovations. To attract the highest quality partners, from plumbers and electricians to designers and engineers, the first step is having an excellent reputation. Platinum Contracting has achieved that, standing out from its competition. That is why talented resources from across the region seek partnerships with us. For industry insiders, the network of partners is an impressive list of well-known and respected resources like those seen here.


We practice sustainable construction. It might be hard to believe, but construction and demolition (C&D) produces 2x more waste than municipal households and commercial businesses combined. The industry as a whole has gotten much better at recycling and reusing material and reduced the amount that previously went to landfills by nearly two-thirds. We support that by dedicating time and resources to ensure that waste material is properly separated and reused if possible. Sustainable construction practices not only help the environment, but it also saves you money. From wood to stone, some of the materials we take out of your house, we return in different forms. It’s good environmental stewardship and good business.

Customer Service

We are your advocates because you deserve the highest quality you can get within your space and budget. A renovation project can be stressful and inconvenient. That is why we believe good customer service begins with excellent listening and is sustained with consistent communication. Our objective is to exceed your expectations while keeping a close eye on the timeline and budget of your project. We accomplish that by using our extensive knowledge and experience to set realistic goals based on an achievable scope. Our experience has shown us that by speaking straight, truthfully, and often, everyone remains on the same blueprint and comes out extremely satisfied with the outcome.